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Nuvem Fort 1

Outdoor · Indoor

This powerful heat pump has a capacity of 160.000 BTU, which is a great option for both industrial and residential applications. 

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  • Capacity: 160.000 BTU. 
  • Refrigerant: Ecological refrigerant gas R410A.
  • Fan motor: Higher fan motor speed to capture more heat. 
  • Heat exchanger: Titanium heat exchanger resistant to chemical treatment of pools or jacuzzis. 
  • Metal casing with long-lasting electrostatic paint for outdoor use. 
  • Dual temperature controller to ensure energy efficiency and protection of the heat exchanger from overheating. 
  • Maximum temperature 40° degrees with a covered pool or jacuzzi. 
  • Controller: Simultaneous ignition controller with the pool’s water pump. 
  • *Optional WiFi temperature controller and the Tuya Smart app. Recommended water volume up to 36 cubic meters.